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As already mentioned, Slovak President Zuzana Caputova announced Sunday afternoon that she will entrust the administration of Slovakia to a government of experts until early elections. And he asked Lajos Odor, vice president of the Slovak National Bank, to lead the country.

Lajos Odor revealed on Slovak TV TA3 that he has been preparing for the position of prime minister in the expert government for several months.

The future prime minister commented, “I did not undertake a paragraph in my resume stating that I was prime minister,” adding that he considered calming the tense social situation one of his most important tasks.

The interview revealed that Caputová and Odor jointly decided who could enter the government. I had veto power over the ministers and proposed most of the ministers. The candidate for prime minister indicated that the selection was joint, but the responsibility rests with the President of the Republic.

Fico never fit in his skin again

Lajos Odor indicated that he realizes that his future government has little chance of gaining confidence in the Slovak Parliament, but this does not prevent him from achieving his goals.

“We also want to help vulnerable social groups, even with regard to inflation, but also with regard to other social problems. However, I am not a supporter of standardized subsidies that go to everyone equally, and I believe that those who really need it most should be helped. said the future CEO.

Zuzana Caputova spoke about this: she does not consider it a mistake that she did not personally tell Robert Fico about the planned formation of the expert government.

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“It was quite obvious that such a conversation made no sense, he was spreading lies about me, and he considered the government to be a representative of a foreign power,” Caputova was quoted as saying. Factor.

Fico also described Lajos Odur as a Soros agent, because he teaches at the Central European University, founded by Georgi Soros in Budapest, and now in Vienna, CEU.

I thank Robert Fico that his government nominated me for the post of Vice President of the Slovak National Bank

– answered Ódor when asked what he thought of Fico’s arrangement.