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Pointer – abroad – it will be a hellish day for the new British Prime Minister

Pointer – abroad – it will be a hellish day for the new British Prime Minister

According to the descending tradition Outgoing British Prime Minister – Recently, Boris Johnson – visiting the King at Buckingham Palace and officially announces his intention. His successor will do the same once elected. However, II. Erzsébet has recently fallen ill, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to move, and she is not currently in London. That’s why the new prime minister’s candidate is taken to him by helicopter To establish a property in the Scottish Highlandsto Balmoral Castle.

Buckedley and main drive

This will be the Queen’s first appointment as prime minister outside Buckingham Palace. The rest of the visit will take place according to tradition from then on Les Truss He will be the 15th Prime Minister of the 96-year-old monarch. In the meeting called hand kiss audience, there is no hand kissing today, only vomiting and head banging, and then

The King makes his humble request to his guest to form the new government of the United Kingdom.

After that, the Prime Minister-designate briefly outlines the tasks awaiting him. Only the Queen and the future Prime Minister attend this meeting. However, Liz Truss won’t stay long at the royal family’s summer residence, but she will be back south.

the movement

After landing, he got into the official car, then moved with the government convoy to his place of work and future residence, 10 Downing Street.

At about 4:00 pm he usually greets and addresses the crowd gathered in front of the house, and then is formally greeted by Chief of Staff Simon Case, a senior official of Whitehall, the government department, who is also responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly in Downing Street. Then the welcome applause erupted also for workers at 10 Downing Street, who were always greeting the new resident of the house, this time Liz Truss and her husband.

For those who enter door number 10, this is perhaps the biggest and most unforgettable moment of their lives

said Joss O’Donnell, former chief of staff.

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All secrets revealed

O’Donnell also revealed that the official part of the matter would come next, when officials would expect a clear answer from the new prime minister to the question of what to do if a nuclear attack were to strike Great Britain.

They then share a series of somewhat frightening classified, security, and intelligence information with Liz Truss, who might not find it all surprising, having received similar information as the Secretary of State over the past year.

The slightly chaotic day ends with a phone conversation with US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, writes Politico.

(Cover photo: Liz Truss on August 31, 2022. Photo: Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

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