[PlayStation Showcase] Sam Lake also appears in the shocking teaser for Alan Wake 2

[PlayStation Showcase] Sam Lake also appears in the shocking teaser for Alan Wake 2

  • I got a new preview Alan Wake 2
  • From which it turns out that this time we get two controllable characters
  • And we’re really dealing with survival horror
  • Remedy Creation will arrive in October

Turns out the rumors are true, rumors that 2021 was announced will actually be published before Halloween Alan Wake 2. During yesterday’s PlayStation show, we saw a very scary teaser for Remedy Entertainment’s latest release, which revealed several things. The first is mostly out of curiosity, which is that Sam Lake, ie Max Payne-Games and that Alan Wake Its writer will also appear on the show, as an FBI agent. It is somewhat significant (at least in terms of gameplay) that in addition to the titular protagonist, this time we also get a second controllable character, who is also in FBI ties Like Anderson’s Saga.

Anderson also serves as a prep for the first act He visits Bright Falls on a case Alan is heavily involved with, as the nightmares he wrote slowly begin to emerge. By the way, it appears that the writer with a miserable fate, who disappeared 13 years ago, is still in a place called the Dark Place, from which he is desperately trying to write himself, while trying to somehow survive the horrors that lurk around him. . Even literally, as it is in kind Alan Wake 2 It would be a bloody survival horror that would evoke classics like vampire or the silent hill. And luckily, we already know when: the horror starts on October 17th, so the creators found the most ideal month for the game to hit store shelves.

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