PlayStation Plus Show May 2021

PlayStation Plus Show May 2021

Console – Sony

Exotic WWII, coastal survival and wreckage on the list.

4/29/2020 12:35 | Jerig | Category: Console – Sony

a Sony She also revealed a list of her free games for May. However, in this we find much more serious headlines than Microsoft’s offerings next month. As usual, Sony is offering two games to PlayStation 4 and one on PlayStation 5 PlayStation Plus Participants. But unlike last month, the PlayStation 5 won’t be new.

The hit Battlefield V, which tackled WWII battles in a somewhat strange way, will be free on PlayStation 4 starting May 4. Stranded Deep will also be applied for free, which installs dit the rest in a tropical environment (almost in a far cry …) with sharks and all the other dishes it requires.

And for PlayStation 5, the console version of Wreckfest will be free next month. In Derby wreckage, we can not only smash other players’ cars in corrugations in arenas, but we can also start on the rounds. We can also race a lawn mower or robotic sofa if we can. Thus, Wreckfest will appear on Sony’s new console (it will be pushed out from June 1), while the Xbox Series X is expected to appear at a later date. ■

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