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PlayStation Plus: Could there be a problem with June’s free games?!

PlayStation Plus: Could there be a problem with June’s free games?!

The free PlayStation Plus games for June are already having problems — they haven’t been announced yet, but they’re already dividing fans.

Free PlayStation Plus games for June 2023 are already causing controversy. Subscribers will not be able to get acquainted with the next free game package from the base level.

In recent months, PlayStation Plus has received some really great games. Subscribers can play one of the best action-adventure games of the moment, one of the best looking games on PlayStation 5, and a brand new critically acclaimed game.

But the service is said to be losing a bunch of games next month. A rather weak PS1 game for Premium subscribers was also revealed. So PS Plus should have a lot to offer when the next free games are announced next week.

On the PlayStation Plus subreddit, users are already discussing which games will be coming to Basic subscribers in June.

There are some excellent shout-outs, but as always, no one can agree on which three titles to include.

Currently, the top rated picks are Disco Elysium, Hades, and Nier Automata. While this is unlikely, it would make June 2023 one of the best months for PS Plus in terms of critical acclaim alone. As one user jokes, he recently bought all three of the above games. This usually means that PS Plus will offer them for free soon.

Other popular tips include Alan Wake Remastered, Call Of Duty Vanguard, and No Man’s Sky. Any of those would be cool enough. Some users are absolutely convinced that FIFA 23 will certainly be among the free games. At the same time, there is currently nothing to support this.

The free PlayStation Plus games for June will be announced on May 31st. So feel free to guess now and see how accurate you are!

source: reddit

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