PlayStation Home: The fans have revived the Sony community space! [VIDEO]

Not many people remember PlayStation Home anymore, but there are those who do, and there are those who do to revive it.

PlayStation Home was the online community space of the London studio Sony Interactive Entertainment, which was still known as Sony Computer Entertainment. It launched in December 2008, after nearly four years of development (as early as the beginning of 2005, with the launch of a platform that only required a PlayStation Network account), but Sony didn’t push the bandwagon any further: it remained in beta until 31 March 2015. It closed its doors and remained in this state…

a VGC He wrote that Destination Home, a group created to revive PlayStation Home, was able to get the community space filmed six and a half years ago on its feet with the help of the PSOne Emulation team and several PlayStation 3 players providing PS Home data from their hard drive. Evidence of this can also be seen in the video below, the team says it will be possible to join both public and private lobbying by the end of the year. Since Sony’s servers are no longer live, this is definitely a serious job.

The team writes, “Today was a huge day for Destination Home and the PSOne Emulation team, as we finally hit a point in our development that full press sessions run on the original PlayStation 3! This means users can join public/private lobbies just like in the old days On PlayStation Home! In this teaser you can see that we have some of our favorite spaces, eg The Hub, Auto Bowling, Playground, etc. that are ready to be rediscovered by our regular fans.Since you guys have provided the much needed home data needed on personal PlayStation 3 consoles, the team would like to thank you for making this possible!”

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We have already written in August that a file Sony has updated its PlayStation Home branding, which may be built alongside PlayStation VR 2 (or whatever its name is…), so you can enter virtual reality “at home”.

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