Már közel lehet a PlayStation Game Pass riválisának rajtja bevezetőkép

PlayStation Game Pass competitor may be coming soon

PlayStation Now has been absorbed by many users, which may indicate the approach of the much-anticipated Counter-Game Pass.

Microsoft has created a very popular service in the form of Game Pass, which is attacking the catalog of subscribers’ games, with the latest data showing that more than 25 million subscribers The platform seduces her.

It leaked to Sony months ago Codename: Spartacus It’s working on a solution of its own, which may be closer than we think according to the latest rumors.

For some forums in Resetera accounts PlayStation Now (not available in Hungary) has been accommodated by many others, and now their subscription will appear as smooth as PlayStation Plus, while they will still have access to Now features i.e. cloud streaming of PS games.

And it’s all tied to Spartacus as a new service, according to a recent report Three packages for subscribers It will provide access to the two most expensive PlayStation Now consoles. Thus, some are now inferring from the disappearance of the PS Now label that it may indeed have been a precursor to the beginning of Spartacus.

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Until the official confirmation, this is nothing more than a guess, but it is expected that Sony may hold a special Promising to be exciting A state of play where even Spartacus can be discussed.

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