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PlayStation 5 should also have its own Bloodborne!

PlayStation 5 should also have its own Bloodborne!

Sony’s current console should have gameplay similar to FromSoftware’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, which remains unexplained.

Bloodborne combined the style of Souls with Victorian cosmic horror, and for many, the world of Yharnam remains unforgettable to this day. The game eventually laid the foundation for the success of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring. However, it will be useful to take a look at the selection of the game. The PlayStation 4 also needed a good year and a half from its launch until the release of Bloodborne, while the PlayStation 5 was launched nearly three years ago, and to this day we cannot offer an exclusive title similar to the game that was created by a Japanese studio. (Demon’s Souls Remake doesn’t fit into that kind of thinking, as it was essentially a reimagining of FromSoftware’s PS3 exclusive, not a new IP.)

Bloodborne is atmospheric and elegant, but attracts the most attention with its gameplay, but it’s also worth bearing in mind that eight and a half years after its release, players are still pondering what secrets FromSoftware might be hiding in the story. Or maybe in the world. The aggressive combat system rewarded continuous attacks, so compared to the Souls games, there wasn’t much chance of survival with the constant defensive approach. Add to that the iconic big battles and varied enemies, and it quickly becomes clear why Bloodborne stands out from the PlayStation 4 family of games.

While FromSoftware once again created an excellent game with Elden Ring, it was cross-platform. Sony has nothing exclusive that the company can really count on, but since then the expansion into PC, mobile, and online services has dampened Sony’s gaming strategy somewhat. Final Fantasy XVI isn’t a good example because it’s a timed exclusive. Maybe Bloodborne was originally designed for PlayStation 4 and that’s why the PlayStation 5/PC version wasn’t mentioned?

Sony can’t come up with a killer app like Bloodborne. Because this game really drove PlayStation 4 sales.

source: GameRant

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