PlayStation 5 Pro is already up and running

More powerful hardware than the PlayStation 4 Pro can be expected in the base model.

Sony is already working on a PlayStation 5 Pro console, and release is expected sometime at the end of 2024 at the earliest – He writes Citing Insider Gaming’s internal sources.

The newspaper has not yet revealed any details, but it seems certain that, as in the case of the previous generation PlayStation 4, the PS5 Pro will be more powerful than the base model introduced in the fall of 2020 in terms of some hardware specifications. If the informant speaking to the magazine is to be believed, the goal is for the new machine to provide better performance in terms of ray tracing technology that makes video game visuals more beautiful and realistic.

It’s always been a practice in the world of consoles that a few years after the premiere, manufacturers come up with a version that’s slightly more streamlined (smaller, redesigned) or more powerful in terms of hardware than the base model. This was already the case with the PlayStation 2, but several versions were made for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Switch got a version with a better display, and a Pro version of the PlayStation 4 was made in the middle of it all. lifecycle, and the Xbox One X was finished with better components in 2017.

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