PlayStation 5 is ready to receive DualSense Edge

The console – Sony

The latest console system update came out specifically for the new console.

01/14/2023 16:10 | Gehrig | Category: Console – Sony

the Sony They announced last summer that they were working on it DualSense Edge controller, which would play an almost similar role to rival Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller. In other words, a better, but much more expensive version of a fundamentally good console with additional functionality.

An important feature of the DualSense Edge is that anyone can replace certain parts at home, such as the analog sticks. You can choose several lengths from them, according to your taste. In addition, additional buttons can be installed on the bottom of the console, and the functions of the buttons can also be programmed.

The new console is scheduled to hit store shelves on January 26th. But Sony has already guaranteed beforehand that the premiere will be seamless, at least on the software front. The latest PlayStation 5 arrived just the other day, System update with serial number 22.02-06.50.00. In addition to theoretically improving the performance of the controller (although Sony hasn’t detailed this as usual), it’s also paving the way for the DualSense Edge controller. So when we unzip it on the 26th and connect it to the console for the first time, it won’t blink anymore confusedly in the device. ■

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