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Platform chief steps down amid Zuckerberg’s sprawling dreams

Platform chief steps down amid Zuckerberg's sprawling dreams

In the past short year, it has become abundantly clear that Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, among other things, is chasing the mirage of the metaverse with all its might, and at the heart of this endeavor is Horizon, a virtual reality-based platform called Horizon that was announced three years ago. On the other hand, there are people on the way, and now the vice president in charge of Horizon, Vivek Sharma, has announced that he is leaving the company, writing edge.

Meta spokesman Brian Pope confirmed that Sharma will be leaving the company. He added that they are very grateful for his work and wish him all the best. According to Bob, under his leadership, Horizon has created a very ambitious team, but this is only the beginning, adding that it seems that they continue to train great leaders in the Meta. Sharma was previously in charge of Facebook Gaming and Marketplace before he became president of Horizon last year, so he’s already built a solid reputation at the company, but now he’s going to chop his ax at something completely different.

Incidentally, Sharma left the company on a rather fun time, not only because most people have a general skepticism about the metaverse, but also because Horizon really became the subject of public laughter this past week. dead announced last week, that a virtual world called Horizon Worlds (video game? proto-metaverse? nonsense?) will be launched in France and Spain, but Mark Zuckerberg made the whole thing clear with an image that made even the most loyal fans of the metaverse doubt that it was worth spending billions of dollars on this. As pointed out by The Verge, Zuckerberg later Some of the pictures are much nicer From Horizon Worlds, including a more detailed avatar, but at this point It doesn’t matter anymore.

Of course, neither Zuckerberg’s canceled announcement nor Sharma’s departure mean the end of the project, not so much that they just announced the New VR glasses launched in October. It also turns out that you won’t finally need a Facebook account to be able to use hundreds of thousands of Quest’s glasses, which is really a huge step forward, as it was also revealed when Facebook shut down last year that the bug could easily be turned into paperweights. Of course, it was also bad enough that if Facebook saw that someone had violated its social principles, it could easily exclude that person from using their VR glasses.

However, it is certain that despite the abundance of marketing texts and magical visions of the future, the dream of virtual reality beyond reality was still ineffective at Facebook and Reality Labs, for example, in the previous quarter. 2.8 billion losses Collected. Last October, Mark Zuckerberg explained that he saw the future of Facebook in the so-called metaverse, but beyond the amazing tech demos, it wasn’t really clear how exactly that would be achieved, or what the point was at all. We’ve written about this, what the metaverse is, and why all the billion dollar tech giants suddenly fell in love with it, in detail in this article.

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