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Plastic could have been detected in the body of fish for seventy years

The study writes that microplastics have been ingested by fish since the 1950s, and their concentration in their intestines is steadily increasing. Portal of educational scientific news.
“Over the past 10 to 15 years, the presence of plastic in water has become a well-known problem.” Tim Hulin, a scientist at Loyola University in Chicago and lead author of the research published in the scientific journal Environmental Applications, said: “In fact, organisms have been affected since The discovery of plastic. “
Hoellein, with the help of a fish scientist at Field Museum Caleb McMahan, examined the fish in the museum’s collection, which have been regularly collected and stored in alcohol bottles since the 20th century, trout, trout or catfish, black-legged gobi, and black-legged guppies. Notropis Stramineus Kind individuals.
At least five samples were examined per contract. They removed their digestive organs and found plastic particles in them, they treated them with hydrogen peroxide. “It is bubbles and foam, all the organic matter decomposes, but the plastic resists the process,” the researchers explained.
The remaining plastic is not visible to the naked eye, it looks like a yellow spot. However, it can be easily recognized under a microscope. If the edges of the small residue are fringed, it is organic matter, but if it is very smooth, it is most likely a fine plastic.
Experts found that before the middle of the century, there were no microplastics in the digestive organs of fish, but from the 1950s onwards, with the beginning of the production of plastic, they appeared in increasing quantities.
Microplastics can come from larger, bits and pieces, but they often come from clothing. “Every time you wash your tights or a polyester t-shirt, the tiny fibers tear and get into the water,” said Lauren Hu of Loyola University.

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