Piquiscapa was eliminated from the CEV Volleyball Women’s Cup

On the Hungarian side, Szent Benedek RA is also interested in the series, and will play on Thursday.

Pikescapa bid farewell to the Women’s Volleyball European Cup, where it lost to Germany’s Schwerin at home, after its defeat last week away from home in the round of 16.

CEV Cup Round of 16, second leg:
Swietelsky-Békéscsaba – SSC Palmerg Schwerin (German) 2-3 (-14, -21, 23, 29, -12)
Top scorers: Drpa 21, Vasiljeva 17, Baijens 23, Alsmeier 17
Advanced: Schwerin, with a double victory (6-2).

In the first round of the second European series, BRSE beat Bosnia’s Brcko with a double win, while Germany’s third-placed Bundesliga rivals beat Serbia’s Zeleznicar.
In the first match of last week’s fencing, during a three-set defeat, Vyharsark managed to put pressure on the odds-on Schwerin in one match, and on Saturday, they only managed to defeat Nyiregyháza for the Hungarian championship in a big fight. , from 0-2.

The Gábor Tóth students played very energetic volleyball in the first set of the match at home, while the German team rose and easily gained the advantage thanks to the solid play of Canadian center Jazmine White, who was also a regular at Nyíregyháza. The difference between the two teams is clearly shown by the fact that the attack efficiency of the guests was 16, and the accuracy of the opening reception was almost 40% better.

For the second stage, it looked like BRSE, who had been grasping at the last straw, would sort out the ranks, but after a bad series led by American Lindsey Ruddins, Schwerin already led by six at 6-12. As the start approached, with the hard work of Serbian Marta Derba and the effective play of Bulgarian Ralica Vasiljeva, they continually reduced the deficit to Bikiscsa, who had ballooned to seven points in the meantime, but after a 21-22 run, the visitors only scored a point, thus securing promotion.

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Schwerent coach Felix Kozlowski practically switched lines for the next stage, while the key players remained with the home team. For a while it seemed that this would not significantly change the picture of the match, the German “second line” also achieved a five-point advantage in the center of the group, but BRSE took advantage of the guests’ mistakes first at 15 and then – eliminated another three-point deficit – at 21 Also tied. In the best possible time, at 24-23, the home team took the lead, which was improved by winning the next possession.

Zóra Glemboczki, who had played well in the previous round, stayed at BRSE for the fourth game, and the teams went head-to-head all the way through, possibly with the BRSE advantage. The hosts came close to equalizing with the points of the Hungarian rackets, Derba and Vasilijeva, but at 24-22 they left two points and four more points were not exploited later. After managing to avoid two match points from Schwerin, they eventually won the shortened set.

However, it was only close six periods, and then the German team built a five-point advantage under the leadership of their young players, and although BRSE made a big push, they lost the 140-minute game. The most successful volleyball player in the match was the Dutch center for the guests, Indy Biggins, with 23 points, and Darba from the home team scored 21 points. On the Hungarian side, Szent Benedek RA is also interested in the series. Balatonfüredi is looking forward to the second leg against Czech Republic’s Dukla Liberec on Thursday from trailing 3-1.

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