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Pierce Brosnan posted a hot photo of his 58-year-old wife: Fan of Kelly's round shapes - World Star

Pierce Brosnan posted a hot photo of his 58-year-old wife: Fan of Kelly’s round shapes – World Star

Pierce Brosnan, After losing his first wife to cancer, he couldn’t believe he would fall in love again. Three years after the tragedy, he met 1994 Kelly Shay Smith A journalist in Mexico turned her life upside down. A great love arose between them, which continues to this day.

Pierce Brosnan posted a hot picture of Kelly

Even after all these years, they are still there for each other, otherwise they could have celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary this year. Unfortunately, in 2000, the tabloid landed on Kelly, and a lot of mischievous articles were published about her simply because after she gave birth to their joint children, Delant and Paris, she didn’t get her prenatal shape back and instead raised her a bit. of them first. Although she received a lot of negative criticism, neither she nor her husband was preoccupied with it, in fact, Brosnan is passionate about his wife’s plump appearance. Not by the way, his personality has always made him his best.

“I fell in love with her because of her passion, not only for her beauty, but now I love her even more because she is the mother of my children and I am very proud of her. I always strive to be worthy of his love,” the actor told the Hollywood star.

He is happy to upload his family photos on his Instagram page, Kelly celebrated his 58th birthday this month, and on this occasion he shared a new photo of him. The reporter was wearing a swinging purple dress. We rarely see it this way. In our collection you can see the shots that Pierce Brosnan posted about his wife, as well as see more photos of them both.

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