Pieces of the body that struck England have been found

Pieces of the body that struck England have been found

As we wrote earlier, in late February An object has entered the atmosphere Over the United Kingdom, parts of it may have reached the surface. We recently discovered some parts of the celestial body at Wencombe in central England Living Sciences.

The formation of the meteorite is very special, and the researchers believe the rocks may contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the early Solar System.

The pieces together weigh about 300 grams.

London Museum of Natural History Communication Based on the black, sooty pieces found in a driveway, the homeowner immediately collected the splinters and then reported to the authorities. Ashley KingAccording to the museum expert, despite the common man’s secularism, he did a wonderful job. Collecting meteorites as quickly as possible is a very important task, as they can easily get contaminated on the surface.

The object is the so-called carbon chondrite, and these meteorites are derived from very rare asteroids that formed during the early period of the solar system. Analysis of such objects can reveal a lot about the formation of planets, and many experts believe that meteorites themselves brought water to Earth.

English rocks are carbonate, but are softer and more brittle. The texture reveals that the meteor contained clay minerals and once contained water ice. This material is very similar to samples collected from asteroids by the Japanese Hayabusa-2 spacecraft and the US spacecraft OSIRIS-REx.

By the way, every day, by the way, a lot of things get into the atmosphere, but most of them reach Earth in small areas, during the day, or uninhabited, like over the ocean, so they remain anonymous. It is very rare to discover something, conflict in the atmosphere, and even find it.

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