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Piastre will be 'very nervous' if he doesn't find a seat in F1 in 2023, too.

Piastre will be ‘very nervous’ if he doesn’t find a seat in F1 in 2023, too.

Australian alpine rookie Oscar Piastre won his third championship in Abu Dhabi after finishing third in his first sprint, as well as showing an impressive edge over teammate Robert Svarkman.

Despite repeating the feat of Charles Leclerc and George Russell becoming junior champions in both F3 and F2, Piastria will have to be satisfied next year to be a protected alpine racer having no place left in F1.

Alpine signed a 3-year contract with Esteban Ocon earlier this year and CEO Fernando Alonso said he could stay in shape until it continues to take shape, and Alpine has no partnership with any team as they could be hired provisionally as Piastrit.

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The Australian, whose manager, after ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Webber, admitted after the F2-3s championship, would be very frustrated if he wasn’t there in the Formula 1 field in 2023 as well.

“I did everything in my power to prove that I am ready for Formula 1,” said Piastr. “Earlier this year, I said my results might be enough to give me a chance in F1. Well, that’s not what happened at all.”

“Of course I’m disappointed that I can’t go up now, but I’d be very disappointed if I wasn’t on the grid in 2023, because there’s no string to prove it anymore.”

In an interview right after the race, Piastre couldn’t hide his feelings at all and said he’d be the champ on the couch next year, but for the press conference, he’s already got a little PR. .

“I’ve had a great opportunity from the Alps to get into Formula One without going racing in the meantime. I’ll travel to every race overseas to try out the challenges of the chaotic race calendar, so I’m not going to stay on that couch all the way.”

“F1 is a big step up compared to anything else, even F2, so I’m going to do my best to get my attention away from F1, even if I’m not out there on the grid. F1 is my goal, and if we look at things realistically, it’s a goal, not a dream.”

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