The photo below, allegedly taken in Újpest in the parking lot of the popular DIY store, has received thousands of likes and shares. Someone arrived with a McLaren GT, which in itself is no reason for excitement, but our man easily packed the purchased goods into the trunk (and passenger compartment).

He came to Praktiker in Újpest with his McLaren GT to buy some gardening stakes (or something similar).

There’s no problem with that, if you fit in that way, well, you have to get the goods home somehow, not everyone can have a flatbed, two-seater or station wagon at home.

In short: McLaren GT Coupe

The four-liter V8 turbo engine of the McLaren GT has 620 hp, and the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds. Its top speed is 326 km / h. Unlike other sports cars of the manufacturer, the GT is a typical touring car, so its luggage compartment is designed for this, the car can accommodate 570 liters of things. Well, these are not handy liters: the compartment in the front of the car is 150 liters, and behind the passengers there is room for 420 liters of cargo. However, only because of the shape of the containers By buying the right bags You can make the most of the space.

But the protagonist of our picture is nowhere to be seen from the black belt hero of Christmas tree delivery, which was filmed in Tatapania during the holiday season.