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Phones can last 50 percent longer on a single charge thanks to this simple step – the balcony

Phones can last 50 percent longer on a single charge thanks to this simple step – the balcony

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego have made a surprising discovery: smartphone uptime could be improved by up to 50 percent if there were more of them in urban environments rather than a few large 5G transmission towers.

Increase phone operating time

Scientists believe that rethinking the distribution of cell towers would improve urban areas' carbon footprint and overall mobile phone coverage. HVG reported a Based on a New Scientist articlemy year A study published in the journal arXiv Based on

The background to this phenomenon is that long distances lead to significant signal loss, avoiding this – with more transmission towers – the operating time of devices can be increased by up to 50 percent. Hence placing the transmitters more densely and low will have very amazing results.

Moreover, more transmission towers will not lead to higher energy consumption either. According to the researchers, even several small base stations combined consume less than a large station.

Photo: Anton Petros/Getty Images Hungary

With a weaker signal, smartphones have to send larger data packets to distant transmission towers to make sure they can be reached – this requires much more power, and thus drains the batteries faster. If this changes thanks to more base stations, devices will last much longer on a single charge, and the carbon footprint of specific neighborhoods will be reduced.

According to experts, the problem cannot be solved with 4G networks. However, with 5G technology, it will be possible to switch from tower to tower more smoothly, so in the future mobile providers in major cities will be able to take this into account when deciding on the placement of base stations.

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