Philips TVs have won an important design award

Philips TVs have won an important design award

The TB Vision Philips TV and audio products won four awards at the 2022 Red Dot Awards, the world’s most prestigious event in design.

The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, recognizing the best designs in terms of function, quality, ergonomics and innovation for sixty years, and in recent years also recognizing durability and sustainability.

In 2022, more than 5,500 products from around the world were nominated by small and large companies around the world, with the winners selected by an independent international jury of 50 experts based on 9 criteria during an all-day deliberation.

The Philips The brand’s TV and audio products also won four awards at this year’s Red Dot Awards. Philips has been recognized Ambilight TV OLED + 907 The TV, in which the European design style was a key element: Muirhead leather on the remote control covers both sides and the back surface so that users can feel the quality in their hands.

Ambilight TV OLED + 907

Awarded by Philips Ambilight TV OLED + 937 It is also made of the same elements as the OLED + 907 mentioned above.

philips tv design
Philips Ambilight OLED + 937 . TV

In addition, Philips Fidelio’s wireless home audio devices – the Fidelio Soundbar FB1, the Fidelio FWI Wireless Subwoofer and the Fidelio FSI Wireless Speaker – were placed in their pockets. These are covered in natural materials like the metallic speaker housing and Muirhead leather detailing.

Finally, two of Phlips’ portable speakers, the S7807 and the S4807, also win awards for their powerful and elegant looks.

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