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Phil Collins is in a terrible state, according to his former musical partner, and he does not deserve what is happening to him

Phil Collins is in a terrible state, according to his former musical partner, and he does not deserve what is happening to him

Phil Collins, world-famous as both the frontman of Genesis and as a solo singer, has not performed at all for two years, as the health of the English drummer, who once filled hundreds of arenas, has deteriorated dramatically.

Collins was unable to play the drums for a long time, his spine was completely destroyed, and he had to be operated on several times. In addition, due to the numerous parties, his hearing was almost completely lost. For a while he was still able to stand on stage with a cane, but in his later concerts he could only sing while sitting.

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According to his ex-wife, Collins had completely abandoned himself due to his deteriorating health condition, alcohol addiction took control of him, and he was suffering from depression. Recently, his former musician friend Phil Hackett, known from Genesis, spoke about his friend's condition:

“I will always love Phil, there are no words. He didn't deserve what happened to him.”

He said.

In March last year, the band's former guitarist and vocalist, Mike Rutherford, revealed that Collins was in much worse physical condition than before, but at least his mood had improved.

“He's at home, enjoying his time. He's worked hard over the years and I think he's enjoying his time at home.”

He said about it.

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The musician turns 73 in March 2022 AnnounceThat's the end of it, at least as far as Genesis is concerned. But alas, it looks like we won't be seeing him on stage again either, so audiences will have to make do with old-time recordings and concert recordings that will live on forever.

While we’re at it, we’ll also show you one of the iconic Live Aid relief concerts. The 1985 event was watched by 1.5 billion people worldwide, making it the most-watched super concert of all time. Genesis was also part of the show that featured many world stars, with hundreds of thousands of people able to witness the instantly unforgettable performance. Phil Collins Regarding Live Aid, he performed not only in Philadelphia, but also in London on the same day!

Source: Metro

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