Pfizer's dummy vaccines were confiscated in Poland and Mexico

Pfizer’s dummy vaccines were confiscated in Poland and Mexico

US pharmaceutical company Pfizer has warned against counterfeiting a coronavirus vaccine after counterfeit Pfizer ampoules were seized in Poland and Mexico. The ampoules were seized in investigations into other crimes and sent to Pfizer for analysis. The company’s experts have confirmed that the bottles do not contain the Pfizer vaccine for the Coronavirus. The fake Polish product was found to contain an anti-wrinkle substance, and the Mexican label was not suitable.

Of the vaccine seized in Mexico, approx. 80 people got it, but so far none of them have had any problems. Distributors of the fake vaccine asked for $ 1,000, or just over $ 300,000 for a dose. The bottles were kept in cooler bags for beach drinks and neither the expiration date nor the production number were correct.

None of the ampoules found in Poland may have been vaccinated yet.

Since the emergence of Coronavirus vaccines, false or inadequately licensed vaccines of uncontrollable origin have been found in many countries around the world, but this is the first recorded attempt to fake a vaccine from Pfizer. (Wall Street Journal)

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