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Petra Gobik showed herself in a thong swimsuit

Petra Gobik showed herself in a thong swimsuit

She recently split from partner Petra Jobek, the first woman to win In The Star, who has always been known for her modesty and restraint. Even in the TV2 show, he treated the competition with great humility and humility, thus winning the sympathy of most viewers. Then the happiness caused by the victory was quickly overshadowed by the fact that her partner had been unfaithful to her, which completely crushed the actor and singer.

Petra Gubik believes that thanks to the star in Star, her ex-husband’s advances were exposed, because one of the man’s lovers found out through an interview that he had an affair with Gubik’s partner. The woman’s conscience spoke and drew Jobbik’s attention to the man’s lies and the fact that he was cheating on her.

After that, the successful actress and singer was completely devastated, but she did not grieve at home for a long time, she tried to forget her unfaithful love with travel, which seemed to be a wonderful medicine for her. Gubik is increasingly pushing her limits, last time trying paragliding, and now shooting herself in an extraordinarily bold swimsuit.

The winner of the latest series, Star in the Star, traveled again, posting a very sexy photo on her social media page from the beach. The singer said goodbye to summer in Barcelona, ​​​​and chose a black bikini to show her wonderful figure to her followers while she was walking on the beach.

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