Petőfi 200 – March 15 program on public media channels

On the National Day on March 15, all public media will prepare thematic programs to commemorate the revolution and freedom struggle of 1848-1849. In addition to the films, the program also included studio talks and special programs made especially for the occasion, as well as productions related to Tovey’s bicentenary.

The public information program begins on March 15th traditionally at 9 am with the broadcast of the flag being raised in Kossuth Square, which can be followed live by on the Danube. On March 15, from 10:15 a.m., the channel will also broadcast the ceremony live from the Museum Garden, and from 2:15 p.m. the commemoration of Prime Minister Kiskőrös. Before and after the festivities, viewers are treated to a live studio show featuring thematic holiday-related content.

It was featured on Duna’s festive program all day from 3:40 p.m “Let’s get up and hold hands…” – in the aftermath of the Revolution of 1848-1849 and the struggle for freedom in Transylvania documentary. From 6:50 pm, you can watch the channel’s educational film March Youth – An Unusual History Lesson: 1848 with the address that What the Hungarian Nation Wanted – Historic March in Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest Based on the 2009 film, it presents revolutionary events known from the pages of history books. From the 21:20 hour of the historical film Sándor Sára, filmed in 1978, a 80 hussars It reminds us of the history of the Linke Hussar Squadron. Duna appeared on the channel on March 4 Super Petőfi concerts 200 Also repeating at 11:30pm, György Ferenczi, 1ső Pesti Rackák and the Modern Art Orchestra gave a joint concert with excellent soloists from the Hungarian music scene.

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the M5 channel It is also waiting for its viewers to broadcast live on March 15th. From 10:00 am and from 5:30 pm the State Awards Ceremony will be broadcast from Pesti Vigadó, and from 4:00 pm the Awards Ceremony of Kossuth, Széchenyi and the Hungarian Order of Merit from Parliament can be watched. The channel also commemorates the 15th of March with classic literary and historical films. During the day, several Petofi poems translated by famous actors will be shown on the channel, and from 8:10 pm, recorded by Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmund. Sorry Sorry An opera is shown.

the Radio Kossuth Listeners are waiting for several hours of live broadcasts in the morning and afternoon. They are talking about the celebration that takes place in the Museum Park in Budapest, the link to Kiskőrös, but they are talking about celebrating the Hungarians who live here and beyond the borders of the country, including our compatriots who live in the diaspora. Students can learn about state award winners, as well as the living descendants of the ’48 -49 champions, including collateral relatives Sandor Petofi, Leos Batiani, and Aristide Desofi. Place Program of the Museum of Military History, prof They’re big His guest will be Istvan Margotsi, a literary historian and Petofi scholar, who will give students details of lesser-known events in the great poet’s life.

the Danko Radio Petofi 200 On his program series, starting March 15, every day at 4:52 pm, you can hear the musical version of the poet’s 200 poems, performed by one of our famous artists. Several new musical recordings are made for the show, and the background to the poems and the circumstances of their creation are also explained.

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the M2 channel for children Seventeen Adventures In the educational program named Festive Festive Show for primary school students and Rhyme forest A special edition of the series will also premiere on March 15, where patriotic songt be photographed.

the M2 Petőfi TV It awaits its viewers with thematic broadcasts throughout the week. It’s March 13th acoustics In his program from 21:15 György Ferenczi and Pesti Rackák first They play a song from their Petőfi album. On 15 March, which is also the birthday of M2 Petőfi TV Fresh The program is set up with a holiday-themed double broadcast on Thursday evenings I’ll give you your song!Kávépause, famous for its collections of poetry, will arrive. the Ptovey Radio On March 15, Hungarian music will be played all day, and programs will be organized around the theme “Freedom, Love”. It will also be useful to follow the channel’s online interface, where visitors are greeted with thematic content.

The entire program scope is available at Media Click, a Program newspaper in the menu item!

Featured photo is the headquarters and production base of MTVA on Kunigunda Street in Óbuda. (Photo: MTVA Photo: Zsolt Zih)

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