Peti Puskás cut the salami pillar to Tibor Bakács

Peti Puskás cut the salami pillar to Tibor Bakács

Earlier, Bakash said he found it sad that Pete Puskas became a TV personality, as they were trying to find Megastar performers.


a 24 h Tibor Bakash, a former jury member, spoke harshly to Petit Puskas on Partizan’s ex-Megastaros broadcast.

“I don’t want to offend you, but maybe we were wrong about Peti Puskás. It’s so much fun. Usually – whether it’s Ibolya Oláh or Magdi Rúzsa – the way their lives are going, they get to where we wanted to be. Singers and artists. Peti Puskás became a character. TV. We tried to find performers according to my memories”

Tibor Bakash said.

Peti Puskás was unable to participate in the show due to the shooting of X-Factor, but now Facebook page Pakash cut in one position.

The X-Factor mentor begins to lament that, despite Márton Gulyás’s invitation, he was unable to appear on the Megastar broadcast taping, and thus could only respond online to Bakács’ statements, “That I was the only mistake every megastar discovered!”

“Although I was surprised by your statement, for the past 15 years I have realized that we are not like each other. I am a vegetarian and you love salami very much. For you, my profession is a mistake, for me it is a success. Instead of hurting others, I could have You discover your one and only wrong, colossal decision, but why it became one of the most prosperous.”

Betty said, and then added, “Thank you for your interest, although it would have been better if you’d come with me to one of my shows or concerts in the hall. You were 15. For us, we’ve talked about everything. Happy New Year!”

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