Peti Marics has gone public with the big news: fans are worried about the fast pace

There is no doubt that Valmar is currently one of the most popular Hungarian bands. Almost all of their songs become instant hits: they charm all music lovers with their light, melodic and fun style. This is exactly why so many people will be happy with the following ad.

Betty Marix is ​​a true heartthrob / Photo: Bourse

Comprised of Milan Falkos and Betty Mareks, Valmar has already written itself into the history of music in Hungary. The young boys became a huge success and gained a large number of fans even in a short time. Their success is proven by the fact that last year they also released the hit Úristen, but they also released a lot of hits. Bors also reports that their Young Discovery of the Year received a Phonogram Award, but that while they are successful, they are not lazy. Betty Marx And Mihaly Falcuz announced separately on their social media pages that their latest music video, Túl nagy falat, will arrive tomorrow, after which they will release a hit song every week. Milan Valkusz wrote about this in more detail:

So, what’s going to happen is that Túl vágy falat comes out tomorrow, and three more serious tracks come out every week…

– They write, then hashtag the songs Túl grandi falat, 100 girls, Playboy and Berobbanó.

But fans have expressed concern. According to them, the pace is very fast if they come out with a new song every week. They are afraid of getting tired of too much work and burning out quickly.

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