Peter Thiel, the genius of populist business

Peter Thiel, the genius of populist business

Peter Thiel, one of the most successful neo-conservative businessmen in the US, has been hiring former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz at one of his companies since March. Want to see yourself at the Washington Congress early this year?

Peter Thiel, the German-born American billionaire, has left the board of the global company, which is now called Meta Platforms, but is still called Facebook by the world. The 55-year-old entrepreneur first looked to the future in 2004 and made $500 million in the company running the corporate network, then more than double the amount. Then he transferred the money to another place, but his participation remained on the highest board of directors of the company.

Political considerations may have guided the decision, focusing on this year’s congressional elections and promoting the ideas of former US President Donald Trump. It is not yet known whether this will mean a financial donation and $10 million in financial support for two Republican Senate candidates, or the settlement of his own political life. It is alleged that due to his tax tricks, he panicked for a possible Democratic victory. After Trump’s success, he joined the President’s Advisory Board, bringing Trump together with prominent figures in Silicon Valley. He is considered a brilliant investor in economics and politics, and as early as 1998 he was a co-founder – Elon Muskal – of an online money transfer company called PayPal. I got out of it in 2002, with a thickness of $1.5 billion. (Today, he is on Forbes’ list of the 400 richest Americans, with estimated assets of $2.7 billion and $7.2 billion.)

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The company’s software is of great use to individual intelligence in the fight against terrorism, but data protection is less passionate about the company. Ballastir, now a standard order from the US Department of Defense, got $1 million a year from the chancellor last year as a political strategist with Thiel Capital, which Austrian Sebastian Kurz forced out last year. According to Bad Languages, Thiel bought the chancellor’s phone book throughout Europe. His increasingly radical view of the world opposes democracy, he considers competition obsolete, and he says the world should be put in the hands of very smart entrepreneurs, and there is no need for press freedom. He sympathizes with Trump’s ideas, but without the personality of Trump he’s working on for reelection. Their relationship has severely frayed in recent months. But Mark Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for it did not stop, he sees himself in his youth: intelligent, a breaker who is able to break all the rules to achieve the hoped-for success.

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