Peter Szijjarto: The particularly good news is that there is a real chance that Netanyahu will come back

Peter Szijjarto: The particularly good news is that there is a real chance that Netanyahu will come back

stable, Benjamin Netanyahu He said that the victory of the Israeli government and the US Republican Party in the midterm elections would be an encouraging and encouraging development from the point of view of peace in the Middle East. Peter Szijjarto Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Wednesday.

Prime Minister at the opening session of the Oman Security Forum for the Israeli elections the day before In his response, he welcomed that there is a real opportunity for Netanyahu to return, which, according to him, is particularly good news because he signed the Abraham Accords that led to the normalization of relations between Israel and several Arab countries.

He also described the prospects for the upcoming US midterm elections as encouraging, and added that the most encouraging and hopeful development from the point of view of peace and security in the Middle East will be in the event of the formation of a stable right-wing government in the Middle East. Israel is under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, and in the US the Republican Party has the majority seat in Congress.

In his speech, Peter Szijjarto stated that it would be important to continue the peace process in the Middle East that began with the mediation of former US President Donald Trump, from the point of view of our country, simply because the security situation in the region has an impact. Direct impact on the security situation in Europe. In this regard, he mentioned that after the failed attempts in the past decades, the conclusion of the Abraham Accords was the first successful peace initiative in the Middle East.

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He believed that the advantages of Donald Trump, who promoted dialogue and cooperation between Israel and the four Arab countries concerned, should be recognized in this matter, because this is necessary for the normalization of relations.

The lesson is that a true leader is needed who is brave and strong enough to reopen channels of communication between dangerous conflicting parties with each other.

– Tell. He stated that Europe will not be able to deal with another security challenge at the present time, and therefore rapid progress is required towards peace and tranquility in the Middle East.

In this regard, the Minister also addressed the situation in Ukraine and emphasized that this method should be used there as well.

If it is possible for President Trump to resume dialogue and achieve a closer peace between Israel and several Arab countries, then it is possible to achieve peace in Ukraine. Dialogue and reopening channels of communication are necessary, because if we abandon dialogue, we also abandon hope for peace.

he added.

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