Peter Szabo Zilvia revealed a secret about Gyorgy Korda

Peter Szabo Zilvia revealed a secret about Gyorgy Korda

It will air from March 19 Let’s do the festival! Among others, Szilvia Péter Szabó, who rose to fame with the band Nox, is back on screen. The first album of the band embracing the Hungarian musical heritage was released in 2002, bringing them an unexpected success. He told Origo how it felt to return to the music show, which he had been a columnist for for years, as well as how he linked him to György Korda.

How do you feel when Let’s Do the Festival is back after all these years! To stand on stage?

– I was very happy to see him on screen again. I even belong to a cast that was previously able to be on the show for three years in a row, which I really liked anyway. It was pretty much the same topic, the old songs had to be shown, so it was a bit nostalgic to be asked to do it now. It’s a particular pleasure to have a really good song – I can’t tell you what – but it’s so much love to me, so I’m confident the song will make it to the finals.

When he found out who was sitting on the jury, what did he say? Were you afraid someone might be critical?

“Not really, because we have a very good relationship with most of them, although we don’t know Andy and Boogie yet.” For example, Uncle Gyuri is an old friendship for me. At the time I was living in England and had to run home for a few days, it was like that I lived there with them in the villa. Besides, Uncle Gyuri used to be “Let’s do a festival!” One of the presenters, we know each other from here too. I don’t think it’s going to be a bloody competition, but friends are talking to each other about great songs.

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Let’s do Festival 2022, Peter Szabo ZilviaPhoto: Attila Polyak – Orego

Among the shows you watched, did they influence you or did you find a lot of competition?

– In fact, the field is very wide, which is why only a quarter of the actors are in a single day of filming. There were productions that I caught up with and saw, I really liked it, especially Victor’s performance.

Your application cannot be accidental, as the preservation of Hungarian culture and traditions is important to you.

“I’m really happy with this show now that I’ve been on the music track for twenty years this year. I feel that the show and its purpose are beautifully connected to this twentieth anniversary. Of course, in addition to the show, we have a lot of plans for this year’s holiday. I’ve been dancing and learning Folk music since I was a little girl, but over the course of twenty years—with some minor major omissions—I’ve seen this profession as a sort of mission, and I’ve stood on it steadfastly ever since. The most important thing was to be able to bring Hungarian culture and Hungarian folk music closer to the youth and people again. It was a long time ago when the first record was released – which featured Hulla plum wind from the tree, Hej Danube and similar folk songs – we received many letters from our elementary school singing teachers who thanked us so much for being kids since then I fell in love with the singing and song lesson popular.


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