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Peter Sebastian will continue on the world champion team



Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 3:31 pm

From July, Peti Sebestyén will compete in the colors of the Bardahl Evan Bros. team, which has dominated motorcycle racing for the World Supersport Championship in recent years, with the participation of HUMDA Hungarian Automobile Motorsport Development Agency Ltd. The runner will start in the Dutch competition from 23-25 ​​July, and will compete in other competitions of the season.

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Peti Sebestyén, a motorcyclist, continues his career with the help of HUMDA. The agency is involved in managing the athlete, helping to build sponsorship relationships at home and abroad. The latter activity has been greatly supported by HUMDA’s extensive international contacts. The agency is working on a comprehensive selection system that can help motorsports and motorsports find talent that can deliver serious results in the future.

27-year-old Peti Sebestyén has been competing in the World Supersport Championship (WorldSSP) since 2018, and was previously in the top 10 on the English PTR team, then last year he was with Hungary’s wholly owned OXXO Yamaha-TothTeam, when he was He was sixth in one race. He reached the finish line. He finally finished the season in thirteenth place.

“I am very happy that I had the opportunity to prove it.” This is how I can continue the hard work and dedication that has yielded results over the years. That’s why, of course, I’m grateful to OXXO Racing. I will do my best to take HUMDA to the next level. It is an honor to compete with the best team in this category. In the coming weeks I will focus on training as it is a serious challenge to join the WorldSSP field in racing at the end of July, but I am looking forward to the tasks with confidence. My goal is to be on the podium in one of the races of the season – Pete Sebastian pointed out.

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One of the main goals of the Hungarian Motorsports Development Agency HUMDA Ltd. is to find future motorcycle and car racers, such as Gábours Talmácsi and Norbert Michelisz in the coming years. This talent search business is multifaceted and requires a great deal of attention, as we have to make great decisions based on a comprehensive set of criteria. Technical sports require a lot of financial resources, so after thorough work, we need to select a few athletes who have the opportunity to advance in their careers and professional development. We see an opportunity at Sebestyén Peti to rise in the coming years. Hopefully, based on his results, Superbike could be the next stop in his career after the World Supersport Championship. In the meantime, preparations for the Hydonanas race track are already underway, and it would be good if in a few years Petit Sebestyen could prove it to the Hungarian public – noted Palaz Weingartner, President and CEO of HUMDA Zrt.

– Gives the competitor an incredible added advantage to be able to compete in front of a local audience. Unfortunately, I did not get this, but forty thousand Hungarians from Brno, Czech Republic, accompanied me in many wonderful competitions. I felt like I was riding a motorbike on my own. I am confident that Peti Sebestyén and future riders will be able to reap victories on a Hungarian track and, due to the enthusiastic encouragement of our fans, will at times be able to finish several places in front – confirmed Gábor Talmácsi, 2007 MotoGP Series World Champion.

Team Evan Bros Racing is a two-time World Champion team, and is one of the strongest players in the World Supersport Championship right now. Team captain, Fabio Evangelista, noticed Betty Sebestin after his first world championship season.

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– I am very happy to have Peti Sebestyén join our team and start a new joint business from the Assen race. I have been watching his performance for a few years now, full of untapped opportunities that I hope will be taken out of him with the team. You have the best possible package at your disposal, we work with very experienced professionals, and I believe you can fit in after a short time. I would like to sincerely thank HUMDA for their efforts. I know that Hungarian motorsports wants to expand in the coming years, and it’s a great honor to be a part of this project – confirmed Fabio Evangelista, Evan Bros Racing Team Principal. The team was formed in 1985, made their Italian CIV Supersport debut in 2013, then made their World Supersport debut in 2016 and were already on the podium in their first race with their Italian driver. By 2019, they were already world champions and the motorcyclists were also second in the overall standings. In 2020, they achieved another World Cup victory and broke a number of records in this category. The two-time world champion team this year will compete with Stephen Odendal of South Africa, who has won four of the six races. As Steven Odendaal’s teammate, Peti Sebestyén joins the Italian team.

The two most famous world championship series in sprinting are the Superbike and MotoGP. While in the latter, pilots compete on the typical engines, the Superbike World Championship features tuned versions of the street-sports engines. The middle category in the Superbike World Cup is Supersport, i.e. WorldSSP, where participants go on 600cc machines. There will be ten more rounds of the World Championship this year, except for Donnington to watch two WorldSSP races each weekend.

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