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Peter Molyneux’s new game promises to be a revolutionary game

Peter Molyneux’s new game promises to be a revolutionary game

Although after Molyneux’s latest game we have to be careful what we believe in the legendary game developer, a new gentleman’s game, which is now being prepared for PC and consoles, could be a hit.

Peter Molyenux’s name was synonymous with innovation while the Englishman was at the helm of Bullfrog and Lionhead Studios, but in the past 10 years we’ve often spoken of him only in terms of great promises and even greater disappointments. That’s why, by his own admission, the father of Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, and Fable has already been careful about what he says about his upcoming games – though, he hasn’t stopped himself from saying big things about the new game being made by his studio called 22cans. In an interview with GameReactor about the game and its new, never-before-seen elements.

“I would describe it as using this innovative mechanic in a world and environment that people might be familiar with. And because it takes place in a familiar setting, it feels more modern. – I know, I didn’t say too much detail with that – because, ’cause I’m trying to avoid telling you what Spinning around. But at least it will provide a new experience that has never been seen like Fable, Black and White, or Dungeon Keeper at the time.” Molyneux explained.

In addition to all this, the veteran developer added that it’s a title being made for PC and consoles. Although the possibility of the game one day being released for mobile devices isn’t ruled out, according to Molyneux, the raw power of larger machines will be needed, which means the project could be more ambitious than 22cans’ previous attempts.

It’s all really interesting because in December 2021 Peter Molyneux actually presented his new project, Legacy, which was then dated for 2022 but has been in the works ever since. However, this was a block chain-based manager game that was doomed from the start, and that would have mill Molyneux with its cryptocurrencies and NFTs – we don’t know where this nightmare is at the moment, but it is very likely the guy The nobleman with his above statements is quite different, referring to a previously unsaid title.

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