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Peter Magyar raised lying about the most important economic and social indicators to the Dobrevi level

Peter Magyar raised lying about the most important economic and social indicators to the Dobrevi level

However, they also published the percentage of workers, and it can be seen that while 80.7 percent of the 20-64 age group were working in our country last year, this percentage was only 68.7 percent in Romania. Only one in six of the total population was included in the survey. So, unfortunately, the number of people living paycheck to paycheck is much lower than here.

For this reason, it may happen that if we examine the proportion of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion, it is still the highest in the European Union, 32 percent of the total population, while it does not exceed 19.7 percent in our country.

While in the reference year 2014 we were at the bottom of the line ahead of Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, we are now well ahead of the EU average, and millions have been lifted out of poverty. Both Peter Magyar and Klara Dobrev burden the public with false claims that, no, we are not the second poorest country.

In summary

“Statistics provide essential information about the world and ourselves. But in recent years, with the proliferation of media hacks, hoaxes, and fake news, we have become increasingly suspicious of them,” Tim Harford writes in Data Detective. In his book.

Sometimes the battle against them seems like a stormy battle. Not only do they damage the perception of statistics and data science in the eyes of our citizens, but the cognitive dissonance they generate creates serious tensions, which can then lead to unforeseen consequences. I advise us to think more carefully and try to filter out fake news, so as not to let it cause us unnecessary stress and anxiety.

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