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Peter Haggai was beaten, the studio recording was mired in a huge scandal – and then an unexpected turn came

Peter Haggai was beaten, the studio recording was mired in a huge scandal – and then an unexpected turn came

Peter Hajdu is an unavoidable figure in the Hungarian media, although, judging by the comments, he has as many detractors as fans. Opinions are quite divided on celebrity hosting skills, but he sure is very successful and has given viewers plenty of lasting moments in recent years – although there have been times when he crossed the line.

Peter Haggai broke the silence:

Peter Hajji broke the silence: “We decided not to continue”

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Peter Hagdy had a long reputation for being mischievous, as many of his guests didn’t like the fact that he sometimes “assaulted” them with startlingly daring questions, resulting in very annoying situations. There are celebrities who can handle it, and of course there are also those who can’t. Well, legendary comedian, Giorgi Marcos, belongs in the latter category based on a December 2013 interview — at least that’s what viewers saw on their first impression.

At that time, Peter Hajo invited Gyorgi Marcus to Frisbee to have a conversation. At first, the situation was a little tense due to the presenter’s slightly awkward questions, but then all hell broke loose almost immediately, when another guest unexpectedly arrived.

György Markos’ old comedy partner, György Nádas, was another Frisbi guest, and this seemed to annoy György Markos, who felt that Peter Hajdu had put him in a “naughty” position. The brilliant comedian was so enraged by this that he threw a glass of water at the presenter and then stormed off the set.

After that, Peter Hajdu and Giorgi Nadas continued the conversation on their own, but he also managed to distract him so much that he also poured him a glass of water and left. The announcer chased after them, and you could hear them fighting and arguing behind the scenes – and of course everyone was surprised by this, although the unexpected turn came only after that.

Moreover, the three of them returned with their clothes tattered, as if they had already fought. The heated conversation/argument continued, and then Peter Haggai had enough, slammed the table and suddenly said:

“Now stop! Are you coming to the New Year’s Eve show or not?”

As a result, the two comedians immediately smiled, and then the three of them hugged each other in a friendly manner. With this, they deluded themselves that the whole thing was actually a scam, played the trick, and the audience laughed out loud with satisfaction when they saw the revelation – understandably so, as such a scandalous case may have never been seen on Hungarian television. And the whole thing was completely believable.

You can watch the entire interview here, it’s definitely worth watching Peter Hajo’s sexy, almost genius move:

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