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Peter Erdo: In light of this pandemic, people are back in churches

Peter Erdo: In light of this pandemic, people are back in churches

Cardinal Peter Erdo, a senior friar, spoke to the Hungarian Catholic Church about his pastoral duties at the Vatican after the International Eucharistic Conference.

Peter Erdot stated:I am optimistic, but I think it would be too early to talk about concrete preparations“. he added, “We have to wait a few more months before we can seriously consider, in particular, when the Pope will visit again“.

He stated that five months later, Pope Francis’ visit “to Budapest, where he presented the closing mass of the International Eucharistic Conference, had a strong and vivid resonance in memory” in the Vatican.

The Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest said: “They view Hungarian Catholicism with admiration for its ability to carry out such a great chain of eventsHe added that in the Holy See.The experiences of Hungarian cultural values ​​and the experience gained in Hungary are very positive“.

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In the Vatican, he spoke about the current pastoral concepts of the Hungarian Catholic Episcopal College, which focus on the concern for young people.

He added that there are a lot of kindergartens, schools and higher education institutions that are running.

He stated that the Catholic University of Pázmány Péter celebrates its 30th anniversary this year after receiving episcopal recognition in 1992. Since then, both Ferenc Gál at Szeged University and Károly Esterházy Catholic in Eger have started work.

Peter Erdot emphasized that in addition to deepening Catholic spirituality and culture, ecclesiastical educational institutions also play an important role in catching up. He believed that the poor quality of primary education, which negatively limits and defines people’s careers and destinies by excluding them from quality higher education, is a global problem.

In his words: Hungary is an example to follow because “Society and education must not be torn, and the mission of our church must not be torn apartAmong the tasks undertaken, he mentioned embracing disadvantaged schools in secondary schools, stressing that this would lead to an increase in the level of knowledge.

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The Holy See considers the social role of ecclesiastical education in Hungary to be exemplary.

Education and the relationship with young people may be the subject of Pope Francis’ possible next visit to Hungary.” – Tell.

During the Vatican talks, contracts ensuring the operation of educational institutions were discussed, including the establishment of the Péter Pázmány Catholic University campus and the operation and financing of the Catholic University of Eger.

But we cannot expect subsidies as a roast pigeon, and instead of thinking somehow, we need to take our share seriously, both in scientific research and in improving education.Cardinal Urdu said.

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In the event of a pandemic, credit provided support to many,

In the past two years”People also returned to churches, religious chairs, and church programs“.

He saw that the number of church-goers in Budapest had also increased compared to the pre-pandemic period”,Which is very encouraging, it means that people live spontaneously with confidence to be better and there is a reason to start over, we have a God who cares and we move on“.

Peter Erdo participated in the ceremony during which the Papal Gold Medal and the related Papal Diploma were awarded to the winning Red Scholar Old, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA) for excavations at Tell Mishiros in Jordan.

The world cardinal stated: The results of Vörös Győző prove the performance of Hungarian sciences. He added that archaeologists from Hungarian ecclesiastical universities have conducted a lot of research in the Middle East.

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