Peter Blasco and his autistic son at his daughter's direction

Peter Blasco and his autistic son at his daughter’s direction

Real family teamwork.

Peter Blasco, Burbala Blasco And Blasco penny They will be setting up a joint project at the Bethlin Square Theatre: A GRANE – Fantasies in the aftermath of Peer Gynt Purbala Blasco will be directed by her father, Peter Blasco, who will be one of the with Ágota Szilágyi They play together, he writes Hints.

My daughter had an idea for this family job, I was very happy for her. Puri has always been preoccupied with the Peer Gynt story. (…) Being a classic, it also features modern man, guilt, love, shame, arrogance, selfishness, and searching for myself, I am the best feeling in the world. If we play this well and I hope we play well, the spectator will know himself

– Peter Blasco said of the performance, adding that he was playing Bear GentFive in Miskolc, so he brought back his memories of when the performance took place.

The work is the latest piece on the Bethlen Square Theatre’s Meetings programme, co-produced with the Attitude Foundation and Manna Production. The Attitude Foundation, which was created to nurture and integrate the talents of young people with autism, was founded by Borbala Blasco, her brother, Pence, who if she is not currently working in color shows, is already a good artist.

“I remember her condition was revealed at the age of three and the real problem wasn’t recognized at that time,” only Pence is more isolated than the other children. My wife, who had devoted her whole life to her son’s development, was at first groping blindly how we could provide for her. Whole life. In a penny, art was the most helpful

Happy Peter Blasco. As he said, it’s a strange situation when someone works with their kids, because they don’t stop being a parent to them at work, but fortunately their work ethic is similar.

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