Pesti TV fined 400,000 HUF for defaming transgender people

Pesti TV fined 400,000 HUF for defaming transgender people

The Media Council has fined Beastie TV over a program that dehumanizes trans people, which aired last Christmas.

Most of the December 2021 program focused on defaming transgender people. Interviewers repeatedly used the pronouns “he”/”that”/”that” instead of “he”, to convey the message that transgender people are not considered human – writes Referring to the advertising company background. The statement also states that in addition to dehumanizing rhetoric, program participants have referred to transgender women as “men,” thus denying transgender people the right to live and have their gender identity recognized.

Because of what was said on the programme, the rights protection organization turned to the Media Council, which eventually condemned Besti TV and ordered him to pay a fine of 400,000 Swiss francs.

According to the organization

This kind of communication conveys to mainstream society that trans people are less valued and respected members of our society.

In their announcement, they asserted that participants in the Pesti TV program at one point stated that transgender people “deserved” to be victims of physical harassment or assaults. It was said on the program: “No one will ever put a shoe on her, even though sometimes it’s worth it.”

The Media Council decided that what was said on the program could have been appropriate to exclude a minority, and that human dignity was not respected.

This was not the only case of Pesti TV, as it had to reckon with the unacceptable statements made in its previous programmes. last week We wrote itthat Zsolt Jeszenszky The channel presenter apologized to the mayor of Ferencvaros, By Krisztina Baranyi Because of comments made earlier also on Pesti TV.

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By the way, Pesti TV is only this year I stopped yes.

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