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Perintfalvi, the Disgraced Hungarian – Civilian Information

Perintfalvi, the Disgraced Hungarian – Civilian Information

“If something quacks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it must be a duck.” This wisdom is usually true, but not always that way.

This is the woman, this is Berentfalvi. He pretends to be a theologian when he is anti-Christian, anti-church, anti-everything. Hate flows from him like a stream toward all that is sacred, but at least important to us conservative Christians. Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter, because I’m a scumbag, a hired pen (you can’t even get a pen for that much!), a disgusting pro-government scumbag, who wants so badly to trample him, but doesn’t, because he’s a good Christian. He pretends to. but!

Anyone who talks like a Libertarian, thinks like a Libertarian, and acts like a Libertarian is definitely a Libertarian. Or the neo-Marxist, the two are one and the same.

A week ago, he published a post on his Facebook page in which he stated that he was unable to say that he was from Hungary during his vacation in Italy, because he shamed the world, the evil empire, instead. He just said he was from Budapest. It’s a good place, everyone knows, because the Great Librarians are ruining the city there. Perintfalvi can recognize this unconditionally. He is right, because the element of his existence is not construction, but only destruction. Primarily the destruction of souls.

He writes – and I quote –

“When I was abroad, my first thought was that it was a shame to come from Hungary;

Because, when I say this, everyone immediately thinks of Viktor Orbán and all the crimes he is currently committing against Europe.”

Even Peter Ungar, who can hardly be accused of being pro-government, was surprised by this, commenting on the post: “Whoever cannot, because of his legitimate dislike of the Prime Minister, say that he is Hungarian, should not really deal with public affairs in Hungary. This is a good place, a good country, no matter how many bad things happen in it, for example, that “Orban will be prime minister or opinion leader for the people of Berentvalv. And yet I am a proud Hungarian.”

The fact that this woman exposes and attempts to declare her primitive worldview as absolute truth would not be a problem in and of itself. There have always been and always will be personalities who judge people and situations based on emotion rather than logic. It’s not a very wise stance, but it’s also a good one from Perintfalvi. Things became very chaotic there, and Peter Ungar also drew attention to: Those who cannot be proud of Hungarians should not teach (shame) their own people. Get out of here and find a new home for yourself. Listen to Europe’s “philanthropist”, the scumbag Ouzoud:

“If you don’t like it, you can leave here.” It would have been too late yesterday.

By the way, Berentfalvi has problems not only with his country, but also with the use of the Hungarian language. In another post, he somewhat exaggerated his self-esteem and rejoiced (how revealingly) that the “media arsenal” of the church and government considered him a “satanic theologian” and a burrowing devil. He also attached a photo to the post (in parentheses):

‘All rights reserved. (This was written by the trash media, which regularly steals my pictures.)”

Girl, that’s a pretty straightforward piece of grammar. After correction, the sentence looks like this in Hungarian: I wrote this for csicska media, which regularly steals my photos. Come back when you can no longer speak a little Hungarian. By the way, there is a great antidote to not having your photos “stolen”: you don’t have to post the photos. In the end, we can believe that the recording published in the Facebook post is not published for others to see and is not for free use. Can your post – which describes yourself – be shared but not the image attached to it? Interesting logic to say the least…

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But back to his shy behavior. The little liar can declare that if he betrays his Hungarian identity (he is betraying it, but in a different way), everyone (!!!) will think of Viktor Orbán’s crimes against Europe and identify Szent-Rita with them. Well, thanks to my extended family, my relatives live in many places around the world. I have an American brother-in-law, an Italian brother-in-law, some of my sister’s children also live in Italy, my godson lives in England, and his wife is Brazilian. All of them – I stress without exception – love Hungary, none of them are ashamed to be from here, and their foreign partners are also happy to come to us. None of them ever claimed that the Hungarian Prime Minister committed crimes against Europe. On the contrary,

After learning about Hungarian political intentions, they enthusiastically supported and promoted them in their country as well.

True, none of them are called Perintfalvi

You know what, you Perintfalvi? However, there are also “foreigners” who not only are not ashamed to love this country, but without any coercion, i.e. they acquire Hungarian citizenship willingly and with pleasure. If you are not only concerned with yourself and your ideal, then you may have noticed the decision of two Italians, Marco Rossi and Cosimo Ingusio. If you are already ashamed of us during your vacation in Italy…

By the way, Rita doesn’t believe anyone would consider her a satanic theologian and a hoofed devil, because she’s not such an important character that we imagine her as anything. It’s just not a factor. He’s just an unlucky librarian who enjoys dealing with him. I did the same thing, and that was a mistake. You might think it matters in the end.

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Author: György Toth Jr

Cover photo: Rita Perinfalvi Facebook

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