Perhaps Judaism in the Index was a common practice

Perhaps Judaism in the Index was a common practice

The context reveals that the editor-in-chief is a huge fan of the punk group Flash, which is famous for its ugly songs and singer Miklos Parks. In the summer of 2005, the National Radio and Television Board silenced the taboo radio for three hours, which Miklos Parks broadcast during the day. Represent a coward It is a remarkably obscene act, he writes PestiGrácok.

However, Peter Yogh may have been outraged by ORTT’s “harsh” decision, so he strongly recommended the response of his subordinates Miklos Parks directed at ORTT leaders, which reads:

An arrow to kneel,

Q .. Rabbi punishment foreskin!

(M) heard in evaluating Jodiopata circles that this is sza.osku .. Uncle’s diary is also Kok Jew, like Sabóalby, like .. owned in German! A non-Jew, ba…. Cockroach hateful trunda, with 1 kilo of coconut, I will not be able to humiliate dandruff, even if I poke it while suspended in a slalsey, this fact is politically incorrect! (…)

Peter Ogh’s ill-fated letter to the Uncensored Index Editorial Board

The journalist who wrote the article contacted Peter Aug over the phone, who said he did not remember the exact letter, but that he wrote it to people who knew him and knew that he “tends to make a lot of jokes about everything.” Based on this, we can easily believe that the Jews were a common habit in the index editorial office, which was once headed by Peter Yuj, as The Gate wrote.

Two years later, after a harsh Jewish message from Peter Aug, he discussed in a long press in Niepes Abadsag just how terrible a place Hungary was, full of anti-Semites, whose favorite pastime is Jews.

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