Perfect restart in the dark |  Newsblock

Perfect restart in the dark | Newsblock

although total darkness Since the reboot was announced in late 2020, we’ve seen almost nothing that developer The Initiative seems to be working behind the scenes – although many are optimistic that the project is going well, that doesn’t quite appear to be the case.

Recently Posted by VGC informations According to the initiative, the past few years have seen a brain drain. Over the years, we’ve heard about some high-profile departures from the studio, including total darkness Drew Murray, Planning Director, and About Game Director Dan Neuburgeralthough VGC says it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

According to the source, up to half of the game’s development team has left, including Chris O’Neill, chief professional planner, Joleon Myers, chief world designer, three lead system designers, CTO, CTO, chief animation, and head of the game. Design Engineer and Head of Quality Assurance and the oldest of two books in the studio.

The initiative currently reportedly employs more than 50 people and about 34 people have left the studio in the past 12 months, compared to just 12 new employees. Meanwhile, the project was slower than expected. One previous developer described it as painfully slowand that the initiative did not have a proper studio culture.

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