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“People will be amazed” – Final touches are being made in London ahead of the coronation ceremony

“People will be amazed” – Final touches are being made in London ahead of the coronation ceremony

Tomorrow will be the third. Charles’ coronation in London. About a hundred heads of state are invited to the ceremony, which will be held in Westminster Abbey. Hungary is represented by the President of the Republic, Catalin Novak, who prepares special gifts.

Final touches are performed on III. The organizers prepare for the coronation of Charles in the square in front of Buckingham Palace. The famous English lawn should also be perfect for the long-awaited event. The most loyal subjects indeed They camped near the palace a few days agoSo that they can see their king from the best possible position after the coronation. The atmosphere is festive and liberating. Many people feel that such an opportunity may come only once in a person’s life.

“I’m so excited. I feel like a five-year-old, waiting to unwrap my Christmas presents” — said a woman.

The rest of the city is also decorated for big events, in fact, a giant replica of the crown has been erected near the famous Hyde Park, and in the evening, Big Ben shines with special decorative lighting.

6,000 members of the armed forces arrived by train in the British capital. Travelers were treated to an extraordinary sight as hundreds of Royal Guardsmen left Waterloo station.

Royal fans camp out along the route of the Coronation Parade at The Mall in London on May 5, 2023 in anticipation of the ceremony. Third. Britain’s King Charles will be crowned on May 6 at London’s Westminster Abbey (Photo: MTI/AP/Alessandra Tarantino)

Preparations expect it in 70 years II. After Elizabeth’s coronation ceremony, those interested will be in for a spectacle beyond imagination.

“Even in our world dominated by entertainment, people will be amazed. After witnessing the magnificent ceremony, they will rub their eyes and ask if what they see is real. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world. In the last two hundred years there have been more eclipses than coronations.” said an expert.

Meanwhile, high-ranking representatives from foreign countries arrive for the coronation ceremony in succession. Japan’s Crown Prince Akishino and his wife Princess Kiko, wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky, are already in London.

However, the American president will not attend the event, just as no American president has attended the coronation of a British monarch. Thus First Lady Jill Biden represents the United States.

Hungary will be represented at the ceremony by the President of the Republic, Katalin Novak, who is preparing to surprise the third person who is well-known, nature-loving and environmentally-conscious. King Charles.

Katalin Novak’s participation in the coronation can be considered historically significant, as it is the first time that a seated Hungarian head of state has participated in the coronation ceremony of a British monarch.

In 1937, Governor Miklós Horthy was not present at the VI. Coronation of George. In 1911, he later became the fourth Hungarian king. Karolyi had already participated in the coronation of George V, but at that time he was only the heir to the throne. In 1902 VII. Ferenc Ferdinand was there at Edward’s coronation, but also heir to the throne. And in 1838, when Victoria was crowned, the participation of foreign rulers was not yet so common, and even less so before that.

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