People were also vaccinated against the coronavirus in the UK at Christmas

Amid the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Christmas is celebrated in most European countries. He was in the UK and was vaccinated on the first day of the holiday with a booster after it became clear that two vaccines did not provide sufficient protection against a record-breaking omicron virus.

A woman who was vaccinated in Manchester for Christmas said she had come now because she thought there would be a few and was not disappointed. There was only one person in front of him.

In the Netherlands, there is a strict lockdown, with non-essential facilities closed at least until January 14. People are confident that next Christmas will be different.

A man from The Hague said that he is now celebrating Christmas with his friends in a narrow circle, because restrictions only allow it. In addition, they go for a walk at least to see people from a distance. Otherwise, everything is very quiet.

More than 10 thousand (10,016) new infections were recorded in Portugal on Saturday. The government has ordered the closure of bars and nightclubs from December 26 to January 9 and to make work from home mandatory. The number of outdoor gatherings has been increased to 10 people.

Anti-vaccination protesters demonstrated in Barcelona on Saturday against restrictions similar to those in force in Portugal. A quarter of COVID patients admitted to a hospital in Spain are cared for in a Catalan institution.

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