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People are shocked by Netflix's new documentary series, here's what you need to know about the man with a thousand children

People are shocked by Netflix's new documentary series, here's what you need to know about the man with a thousand children

The Man with a Thousand Children is on Netflix, and we've rounded up the most important facts about the documentary.

Many people are fans. Netflix For his documentaries, more and more More diverse topics It is processed by the creators. Series consisting of several parts are especially popular, because they usually present the given topic in more detail. And the man with a thousand children is also such, which tells a very amazing case.

What is the story of the man who has a thousand children?

Since it is a documentary, it is clearly a true story. The case began years ago when a family discovered that the man who was their sperm donor was also the donor to hundreds of other couples. Jonathan Jacob Meijer, who lives in the Netherlands, could be the father of around 500 children. That is a very high number, as a man in the Netherlands can donate sperm up to 12 times.

Jonathan Jacob Major did not speak in the documentary, but several of the couples to whom he donated sperm sat in front of the cameras. According to the man, the documentary is misleading and deceptive. His children live all over the world, about 370 of them in the Netherlands, but there are also some in Belgium and others in Argentina.


They first came to grips with the case in 2017, when it was revealed that the man had donated sperm to Dutch clinics far more times than he would have otherwise had the opportunity to do. But he had not stopped his activities even then, as he also donated in other countries. According to Danish sperm bank Cryos, the man’s donation was sold for £1,100, but Jonathan has denied this, claiming he did not accept the money.

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In 2023, the man was finally told to stop donating or face a fine. They also ordered foreign clinics to be recalled and the samples destroyed.

The series is very popular on Netflix, and more and more people are expressing their opinions about the story on X as well. Many thought it was really amazing, and people were angry at how easily he handled the situation.

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