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Pécs STOP – A ticker tape run by Fidesz from Pécs

Pécs STOP – A ticker tape run by Fidesz from Pécs

This is not the first time that Fidesz in Pécs has tried to deceive and deceive the people of Pécs with fake civilians. We’ve already written about this in several of our articles, most recently when we unveiled their ridiculous, to put it mildly, performance at the PEX General Assembly on October 17 and revealed that not everything is as it seems. Fidesz representatives and their propaganda media presented the incident as if angry PEX civilians had taken action, but it soon became clear that this was not the case: it was a pre-planned attempt to create a mood by Fidesz activists and party members.

As we presented in a previous article, the defender of Fidesz’s pseudo-civilians was Gyula Calmanci, who almost in his speech recited the campaign slogans of Fidesz and the EU party. Representatives of Fidesz and their propaganda media presented it as if an old “civilian” uncle from Pécs had expressed the opinion of the local population.

However, it soon became clear that the case was just another Fidesz lie: Gyula Calmanci, who read Fidesz propaganda, had nothing to do with just civility, but specifically our colleague. He said on the phoneHe is a member of the Fidesz party. In addition, after about five minutes of surfing the Internet, it can be found that he previously ran as a representative candidate in the colors of the Fidesz-NDP in the Harkány local government elections and the Baranja county elections, without success.

It also quickly became clear that although Fidesz representatives tried to present the matter as if it were a civil suit, they knew full well that this was a lie: Gyula Calmanci is an acquaintance of every Fidesz member on Facebook.

delivery: Failed vids attempt at Pex: The eternal loser’s pseudo-civilian and his hidden circle of friends

But that’s not all: our editors have found secrets that we never even thought of in our wildest dreams.

It turns out that Gyula Calmanci, who spoke among the protesters and was called only “old uncle” by the Fidesz propaganda pages in Pécs, was none other than the former operator of a strip bar in Harcany.

One reader from Harkani drew our attention to the fact that Calmanci is not only experienced in Fidesz circles, but also in running a nightclub with an “exclusive and exotic atmosphere”, and he is none other than the former Blue Hawaii A place in Harkani operates under this name

Yes, you read it correctly: an “old uncle” tried to convince the people of Pécs with his “civility” and simple “indignation”, the party of Fidesz Party memberwho had previously run a place that was described in a contemporary article in the Transdanubian Diary as follows: “Those at the bar can watch the exciting display of go-go girls as they sit in wicker baskets.”

Source: Transdanubian Diary, June 1, 1993.

But what is going dancing?

According to Wikipedia, it is an erotic dance in which women dance in loose clothing or even naked on platforms, cubes or cages, above the audience.

You can also find online that Gyula Kalmansi was the operator of this place, Blue Hawaii in Harkani, in the 1990s. This was confirmed by our colleague, the former candidate for representative of the Fidesz-KDP, who was presented as a civilian by Fidesz representatives and its propaganda media. We share with you part of the interview, and we will later devote a more detailed video to it on our Facebook page.

Then the question arises (if it has not yet been asked) about the moral compatibility with the Christian democratic values ​​that Fidesz so loudly proclaims, putting the family before everything else, that Fidesz nominated a candidate who had previously run in such an election. “Fun place” in several elections. Then, they even try to fool the residents of Pécs by saying that “civilians” are campaigning for City Hall.

As they say: There are no two Fides parties. Free after Zsolt Borkai, József Szájer and Gábor Kaleta.

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He follows.

(The thumbnail is just an illustration)

Author: A.Pécsi.Proli

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