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Pay attention to this if you want a long-lasting phone

Pay attention to this if you want a long-lasting phone

There are many tricks that can do a lot for the health of our phone despite a small investment in energy.

Most people change smartphones every 2-3 years, and lack of updates, device slowdowns, or introduction of a new model plays a major role in making a decision. However, if you do not want to spend hundreds of thousands of forints on new gadgets too much, then it is worth paying attention to a few simple things, because with them you can significantly extend the life of your mobile phone, he writes slush gear.

System and application updates

First and foremost, always install software updates recommended by the manufacturer. This is important because the update can correct not only new functions, but also existing errors. So if we don’t have a few minutes to install at the time of release, it’s worth making up for in a short time.

When installing apps, it’s worth following carefully and checking what functions the app asks for permission for, as well as allowing them to run in the background even if you’re not using them. If we do this with many apps, they can consume our data frame without us knowing, and it can also slow down our devices. You can change this by clicking on the “Battery Settings” tab.

As in the case of our computer, it is also worth paying attention to our mobile so that our home screen is not filled with unnecessary documents and gadgets.

Since these apps run in the background, they can have a serious impact on your Android phone’s processor and battery life. In order to improve performance, it is recommended to remove unnecessary user interface elements.

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Let’s keep the mobile phone in order

In the computer world, there are some basic rules that must be observed for all devices. Having enough system memory and storage is always important because if not, the phone becomes slow and unusable in the long run. It is also worth paying attention not to install software on your device, the origin of which we do not know. In the case of Android mobiles, it is worth using only the apps in the Google Play Store, as they are regularly checked by the tech giant.

What users pay least attention to is the periodic emptying of the cache.

This feature allows apps to store temporary data for faster loading on a per-app basis. However, as these files accumulate over time, they can become corrupted, causing applications to misbehave or crash. Although most applications already manage their caches themselves, it is worth checking their status for us from time to time. This can be done in the apps menu under Settings.

There are also a lot of people who are annoyed by too many notifications. Fortunately, there is already a solution for this, because with the Do Not Disturb function we can easily exclude the noise of the outside world for a few hours. Notifications will not have a sound or vibration effect, and will not appear on the lock screen or notification panel until the feature is turned off again. The Do Not Disturb option can be found in the menu bar which can be accessed by pulling down the notification bar twice.

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While using your phone constantly, you may forget or simply neglect to restart your mobile phone from time to time. This process can help you fix software issues, improve performance, and prevent your operating system from freezing. Although there is no specific time frame, many experts agree that you should restart your Android phone at least once a week.

Battery usage is also a major issue for your phone’s health, so it’s worth following a few rules of thumb here as well. Since most lithium-ion batteries have 400-500 charge cycles, the performance is often so poor after that that they need to be replaced. A charge cycle is when we go from a level charge to 100 percent. However, if we want to achieve a longer lifespan,

It is important to pay attention to not completely draining your device or charging it to 100 percent.

Samsung, for example, recommends that we always keep the charge level at least 50 percent and, if possible, never charge the device above 85 percent. Newer Samsung models already have a function with which we can limit the maximum charge level to the 85 percent mentioned above. Finally, it is also worth paying attention to which applications absorb the maximum amount of your mobile activity. We wrote about this in detail in our article below.

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