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Pawn – Their profile is dried fruit

Pawn – Their profile is dried fruit

The dried products were displayed, tasted and sold. Miklos Czonka, Miklos Czonka and their daughter work on the family farm. On more than ten hectares they grow fruit, grapes, elderberries, cherries, cherries, and many types of plums, apricots, pears, peaches and berries as well. For example, catfish, sea buckthorn and blackberry. They make the most delicious food from it.

Miklós Csonka and Tímea Csonka presented their dried fruit products in Kiskőrös
Photo: Zsolt Barta

The family farm provides work on an ongoing basis. When the fruits are ripe, the export grade fruit is sold first. At that time, the fruit is just ripe, and then, when the ripening process progresses, the fruit suitable for drying is harvested. “This is a short period, so you have to act quickly,” said Miklós Czunka. They start drying after seeing the texture of the fruit. However, when the fruit has already softened, it is worth making jam. The only problem is that the jam, although valuable and delicious, is not very popular with customers. This is also why the family decided to make dried fruits from the fruit. According to their experience at the exhibition, if the customer actually tastes the product, many people buy it.

But there are also those who say that the dried product does not taste good. What is the reason for this? This is probably because you cannot buy quality products in stores. What is available lacks the flavors that even the ancients were able to preserve when making szalvani. The Csonka family wants to offer this ancient taste, which can only be reproduced through original ancient technology. Kisili residents carry out the processing at low temperature, and carry out the drying process using gentle technology. Natural raisins, cherries, apricots, pears and peaches make up the contents of the package. But they have packages that also include blackberries, quince and strawberries, as Miklós Czunka finally said.

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