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Patrick will continue to be a professional in the United States

He grew up in the old water polo teams of Crichole in Oradea, and today in America the “horror” of goalkeepers in the university teams: Patrick Attila Xseros is already seeking professionalism. Although he finds it almost impossible to play in the US adult national team, he feels he has something to show even in this beautiful sport in the US: whether he’s a professional player, youth coach, or even a professional running adult teams.

Wolf Adam

The sports of water polo in Oradea has fueled countless talents over the past 40 years and unfortunately gave very few of them to be at the forefront of Romania, let alone the ability to perform abroad and even provide them with livelihood. He wanted to be an exception, so Patrick Attila Ziros, who had grown up in the old Crichol teams in Oradea, dreamed or dared to travel for a long time, and through his beloved sport he entered the American Concordia University, where he had been playing sports, studying and moving forward. He was also trying himself in the NBA. During our conversation yesterday, I noticed that the starry sky is the United States national team. He said humbly: “It is one of my goals, but it is very difficult to reach, and the road to it is also very bumpy, full of pitfalls …”

Three years ago we spoke to Patrick, who was still a young man in the USA but was recognized as a great talent, who carried his opponents’ nets with many goals in the League Championships, was soon accepted by his teammates and became a key member of his team, in addition To training, he takes a lot of his daily life, and does not neglect learning. The other day we had the opportunity to call him again, and inquire about what was fulfilled from a three-year perspective: the unfulfilled dream of entering the US Professional Championship and obtaining the key to unlocking the gates of the US national team remained, and may remain. To the constant young man he’d been wearing for years, did we talk in our newspaper columns? Back on the bumpy road, Patrick said that in America, barely a percentage of shirts get a First Team All-American that he’s managed to collect, and that – even if Patrick wasn’t a hopping – he could be stable and new. A good starting point.

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What happened to you in the past three years? Are you still getting to know the pool closely or do you stick to your dreams and visit them daily?

“Water polo has evolved in my daily life, through hard training and even tougher matches, but who cares about it and you do something with love, enthusiasm and dedication? I don’t say that with pride, but I have scored the most goals since our college team, this was scored The number is in 2019, when 131 songs contributed to the group’s success, with the addition of seventy balls in three seasons. I also hold the top of the team.

– You have heard from the news of various channels on the world wide web that you are accumulating awards and there are even some of the ones you get only the best.

You definitely need to know that my college team is in the NCAA Division Two and recently I was among the best in the league. I can say without humility that very few people will obtain this recognition in this league. Additionally, in 2019, several smaller awards are successful

(ACWPC Honorable Mention, Conference of Honor) I can also stand out from my classmates, but I’m also very proud of these things, as well as I win what are known as Athlete of the Week Awards every academic year. Three of them actually decorate my apartment. Unfortunately last season was missed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but not training as much as possible, I just spent a little time on the ground.

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“Do I mean if you weren’t wearing a T-shirt, you’d swim?”

What a denial, it happened, in 2018, at the end of the water polo season, I joined the university swimming team, with whom I managed to win the team medal in the conference championship. Swimming is nice too, but I wouldn’t replace it with a water ball. I want to continue with this major as long as I get results, but mostly until I find happiness in it. And this, I think, infinity …

“Your castle is waiting for me”

In a farewell, Patrick revealed that he will graduate from Concordia University in early May, after which one of his main goals will be to pursue his career in the American National League and then as a coach he wants to contribute to the further development of T. – Young men shirt in the United States. He wants to put himself next to the water polo in the world of investment banking, where he will deal in stock portfolios. One of her biggest grievances is that she hasn’t been able to travel to her home town of Oradea two years ago, but she hopes to do so this summer: Embrace her parents and friends It will be a great pleasure for her to see her childhood sites again, such as Rogerius, Sebes-Körös, or Crişul Sports. Pool.

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