Patricia Kovacs and Andras Stoll also signed a contract with Comedy Theater

Patricia Kovacs and Andras Stoll also signed a contract with Comedy Theater

The Comedy Theater held the season’s closing company meeting, where new members of the company were announced, and Jubilee employees were also welcomed. In the 2020/21 season of the theater, the company presented 111 live performances to the audience, held four shows on the web, broadcast seven live shows, twenty-six recordings, and gave eight archive shows for free. 125 birthday theatre. More than 100,000 viewers from 60 countries watched Comedy House in recent months, while nearly 50,000 people watched religious performances during Jubilee Week, the statement said.

According to tradition, several artistic awards were presented at the season’s final assembly meeting. The jury selected on the basis of the secret vote of the company A Stephen Zatmiary “The Little Star is also a Star Award” for Best Episode, receiving Dorottya Antóci, and the Ajtay Andor Memorial Award for Best Performance. To visit the old ladyin and stoneto transform it Mount Barbara, And the the father To form the title role Andras Kern won.

Imre Roboz received the Art Memorial Award Rudolf Peter, director of the comedy theater, with which he rewards the artist who enhances the artistic prestige and reputation of the theater not only through his creative work, but also through his social role. And based on the company’s vote, the Varsányi Irén commemorative episode for Best Actress under Mark Luca Won the Zsolt Harsányi Memorial Award Robert the Red Awarded to a playwright by the Prize Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The actors who signed on to the stage in the new season were also announced, Patricia KovacsAnd the Eszter Nagy-KálózyAnd the Balázs BölkényAnd the ko Orosz And the Andras Stoll He will also be a member of the Comedy Theatre. Among the students of the University of Theater and Film Arts Kovici Zsumbur He spends his practice in comedy as a guest artist Sila Radnay And the Anna Trocan He will work in the institution. Marta GelishAnd the Rudolf ZongaAnd the Kiss Girgie MateAnd the Levente UrbanAnd the Peter Rider And the Andras Toth They continue to work as a guest artist in the theater.

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The Comedy Theater will open the 2021/22 season on September 4th The city of love Begins to show in the fall nightclubAnd the Ordinary girls cry in silenceAnd the stone and the beautiful shape The premiere of the Stone Theater is also waiting for the audience. Ticket sales for theater shows began in September and October.

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