Passers-by can't believe their eyes when they see twins with different skin colors

Passers-by can’t believe their eyes when they see twins with different skin colors

The children of Nottingham’s parents have different personalities, but they get along well.

People can’t believe their eyes when they see the 29-year-old on the street Chantelle Proton In a double wagon pushed by

The woman who lives in Nottingham gave birth to young children on April 30 this year: ion And the Azera. The little boy (Aeon) has green eyes and light skin, while the little girl has brown eyes and much darker skin.

She is now a mother of three on Nottingham Live betrayed himthat the twins were not very different from each other at birth, But as the weeks passed, her skin tone got darker.

The mother says that although she appears white, her maternal grandfather is Nigerian; The father of twins Ashton Half Jamaican and half Scottish.

According to Chantelle, the twins are “completely opposite” personalities, with the little girl being very quiet, while Ion wants to be rocked all the time and cared all the time. But they seem to get along well.

The mother says she thinks that people often think that the two children do not have the same father. Strangers sometimes look at the little ones and don’t remember him, but when the Broughtons tell them what’s going on, they say they’ve never heard anything like it before. And of course strangers regularly ask the mother the question:

Do you own both?

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