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Parts of the Book of the Dead were also found in an Egyptian tomb

Parts of the Book of the Dead were also found in an Egyptian tomb

Archaeologists found an exceptionally long papyrus, between 13 and 15 meters long, filled with the text of the Book of the Dead, buried with the mummies in the Tuna el-Gebel necropolis. Daily Heritage Reports. The just-discovered tomb served as the final resting place for high-ranking officials and priests during the New Kingdom, around the time BC. 16-14. century between

The Book of the Dead was the ancient Egyptians’ guide to the afterlife. It got its name in modern times, as it practically covers a series of ancient Egyptian texts, which the Egyptians believed helped the dead navigate the underworld. Copies of these texts were sometimes buried with the dead, as happened in the Tanna el-Jabal cemetery.

Tuna El Gabal is the largest Greco-Roman cemetery in Egypt, dating back to the New Kingdom and continuing until the Roman era.

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities In the current situation He, who announced the discovery, wrote that the tomb contains “hundreds of archaeological finds, including amulets, ornaments, and stone and wooden sarcophagi containing mummies.” Among the mummies preserved at the site are the remains of “Lady Yahuti,” who held the title of “Supervisor of the Bulls of the Temple of Amun,” and the mummy of a woman called “Lady Nani,” who played music in the temple. .

The inscriptions found on the other coffin indicate that one of them belonged to “Lady Ta Di Isa,” the daughter of “Eret Haru,” who was the high priestess of the god known as “Djehuti.” Next to the coffin, they found two wooden boxes in which the woman’s organs could have been stored.

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Archaeologists did not reveal anything else about the papyrus, except that it was preserved in good condition.

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