Partially carried European Handball Championship begins - Beastie Herlap

Partially carried European Handball Championship begins – Beastie Herlap

The Hungarian men’s handball team will begin its performance against the Netherlands in the European Slovakian Men’s Handball Championship at 8:30 pm today.

The continental championship will be held in five cities on January 13. and 30 with the participation of 24 countries.

It is interesting that the host team never trained in the new MVM Dome before the first group game against the Dutch of the evening. During the team’s online press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Fed captain Istvan Julius said they had decided not to take advantage of Wednesday’s opportunity to train at the Hungarian Football Federation training center at their base in Telke and prepare for the match against the Netherlands by video. He does not believe that their success depends on it. Adrián Sipos notes in this regard that they are all increasingly experienced and know how to enter such a room and start such an important meeting.

“We have to have fun, but we don’t have to go over the other side of the horse. We have to pay attention, and then we won’t have a problem with that,” said the defense specialist at Telekom in Veszprém.

The Hungarian and Dutch teams have met twenty times so far and each match ended with Hungary winning.
It will be the fifteenth and thirteenth continental tournament in which the Hungarian national team will participate, but it will be the first global competition for men in the sport, which will be hosted in part by Hungary. The best performance in the European Championship so far was sixth place in 1998, the team was in ninth, and this year the Hungarian Federation is expected to be among the top eight.

Denmark’s Rasmus Boyssen, one of the sport’s most famous experts, predicted to his community that Hungary would win a silver medal in the continental championship, Dominic Matthey would win the scoring title and Benssi Panheidi would win. He is chosen as the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

In Group B in Budapest, the hosts will meet the Netherlands on Thursday from 8:30 pm, Portugal on Sunday from 6 pm, and Iceland from 6 pm on Tuesday. The top two places will reach the semi-finals.


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