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Parisians were swimming in the Seine, while Macron and the city's mayor were clearly swimming in it

Parisians were swimming in the Seine, while Macron and the city's mayor were clearly swimming in it

Activists in Paris are planning a community protest against a state-sponsored investment worth 5.3 billion Hungarian forints. The aim of the initiative is to clean up the Seine River before the Olympic Games.

They are organizing a protest called a “sh… flashmob” scheduled to be held in the river on the day President Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo are scheduled to swim. This is how the two politicians plan to prove the success of their efforts to clean the river.

a #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin – The hashtag is translated to mean “On June 23, he will swim in Cigna.” After the announcement of the swimming date, the information spread on the X website (formerly Twitter) – He writes The Washington Times, referring to the newspaper called Metro. The organizers are one with the same name They also launched a websiteParticipants can record the locations where they plan to defecate. Artistically Dadaist The video has also been uploaded Regarding the topic of YouTube.

A poster circulating on social media also promotes the event: “On Sunday, June 23, we are waiting for more of you to come and [ürítsünk] To the Seine!” It also turns out that you don't need to register in advance, admission is free, and the location is Pont Marie, which straddles the Seine in the 4th arrondissement.

Social media was filled with memes responding to the protest. Among the more solid images is an AI-generated image of the Seine-bank toilets created by the City of Paris. Another manipulated photo shows Macron standing on a bridge over a river filled with excrement.

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Efforts are already underway to clean up the Seine, with the aim of making the river swimmable again, just as it was during the 1900 Paris Olympics. Last summer, the pre-Olympic swimming competition in the river was canceled due to a sewage problem.

When reporters asked Macron if he would swim in the Seine, he said yes, but did not give a specific date, joking that it would only intimidate participants.

Within the framework of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, open water and triathlon competitions will be held in the river. However, French non-profit Surfrider has indicated that additional work may be needed to make some sections of the Seine safe for swimming by July. According to the organization, concentrations of enterococci and Escherichia coli were found in the water.

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